What’s Your #1 End of Life Organizing Mistake?

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Why Do Some Seniors Plan Their Estate Effortlessly. While Others Struggle to Put a Practical Plan in Place for their Families to Follow?

Katie and Geoff Matthews

Welcome to Legacero™

We are the husband and wife co-founders of Legacero™ End of Life Planners. We are not lawyers or estate experts. Rather, we’re a regular family in the busy “sandwich” stage of life: aging parents on both sides, and our own young child to care for. Like many families, ours have experienced the tragedies of long, terminal illnesses and sudden, tragic deaths.
After watching our parents and their siblings struggle to manage affairs and settle estates during the early stages of grief and loss, we set out to build something that will make the process easier for our own family. We started Legacero™ to share this work with your family, too.

What’s the #1 End of Life Planning Mistake You’re Making?

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