Our Mission

End-of-life planning can be overwhelming and emotionally difficult. 

Legacero™ is on a mission to make it easier with the Legacero End of Life Planner (coming soon).

Our planner empowers you to take charge of end-of-life planning, letting you record practical details and last wishes in far more detail than a will allows. Leave a positive, lasting legacy for your loved ones, gain peace of mind knowing your affairs are in order, and do it all from the comfort of your own home.

Legacero offers a personalized, compassionate, and accessible approach to end of life planning.

Don’t leave a mess for your family. Leave a Legacero.

Katie Matthews and Geoff Matthews, founders of the Legacero End of Life Planner

From Our Family, To Yours

Our names are Geoff and Katie Matthews, and we started Legacero based on our own families’ experiences with loss. We’ve seen first-hand how difficult it is to survive sudden loss when the deceased’s affairs weren’t in order, and wanted to make end-of-life planning easier for everyone.

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Have any questions? We’re just getting started with Legacero, but are always open to hearing from future customers.

You can email Katie at katie@legacero.com