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Legacero End of Life Planner for Seniors

A4 end of life organizer with 23 sections and 224 pages

Product Description:

  • A Final Wishes Organizer Designed Specifically for Seniors. Features enlarged 15+ point print, clear black ink, and a font chosen for easy readability. The A4 format allows plenty of space to write, with a sturdy pocket at the back to store loose leaf notes and documents.
  • Comprehensive and Thorough. With 23 sections, this Im dead now what planner covers: personal details; dependents and pets; healthcare history and preferences; legal and insurance matters; who to contact; accounts to pay and close if incapacitated or in case of death; banking and finances; primary and secondary residence; where to find important possessions and documents; accessing computer, devices, and online accounts; investments and benefits; vehicles and loans; a funeral planning workbook and final arrangements for your obituary; wishes for significant belongings; beliefs about death; last words; and more.
  • Customize Your Legacy. Some sections may not apply. This last wishes planner has space for up to 3 dependents, such as grandchildren or adult dependents; up to 6 pets and animals; as well as space to record details about investment properties, your business, military service, and firearms. If these sections don’t apply, write “not applicable” or skip them entirely. If you need more room to write, there are blank lined pages at the end of each section and in the Additional Instructions section at the back of this when Im gone death planner.
  • Guide Your Loved Ones, Even When You’re Gone. The first section of this final wishes organizer and important document organizer contains some of the most important information your loved ones will need to know about your life, home, accounts and estate in the event of incapacitation or death. When more detail is required, clearly marked page numbers and section markers direct readers to other sections of the planner, making it easy for readers to find the most critical information quickly and easily.
  • Built to Protect Your Most Important Information. Made with thick 120 gsm paper and lay-flat binding to prevent smudging and bleeding. The cover uses strong 0.126 inch thick cardboard and premium vegan leather to protect your most important information for years into the future. Protect the pages when not in use with the elastic closure band built-in to this end of life planner organizer notebook.
  • USA Specific. This peace of mind planner is written for a USA audience, with US-specific vocabulary related to places, insurance, health, government records, retirement accounts, etc.

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